Zack Banack
glitched out


Rochester, New York

Worked with

Nik Sudan, Kristin Macagna



Zack Banack is an American independent game developer who started making computer games with Game Maker in 2008. Many of his early games took strong inspiration (visually and mechanically) from Jonatan "cactus" Söderström. Much of Zack's recognition comes from Game Jolt, a free indie game website, and the various game jams and competitions it holds. As of 2014, he has released over 30 computer games and several iOS applications, including a port of jtpck.



Abandoned/Lost Projects Edit


  • RetroCouncil started off as a sequel to PyRO, but ended up "getting too bizarre", which eventually lead to the TimeStill series.
  • Since a child, Zack wanted to make a game like in style of Jak and Daxter (and its sequels). It Takes a Hero was his attempt at this.

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