Wrestling MPire 2008: Career EditionEdit

"2008 was the year that 'good' became 'great'. After almost a decade of specializing in the genre, MDickie finally brings you wrestling at its most highly evolved. You'll need to be at your best if you're going to survive in this new era too. The most finely tuned statistics yet ensure that every percent counts when you square up against 200 unique opponents, spread across 6 major promotions. Meanwhile, the smoother and more responsive gameplay leaves no room for excuses in an action-packed ring where anything can happen. Polished off with the best graphics and presentation the series has ever enjoyed, you'll feel like you've found employment at a real wrestling show. And that's exactly what this Career Edition challenges you to do." - MDickieEdit

A wrestling game made by Mat Dickie .Edit


You will start out in Wrestling School where you will compete against average wrestlers. Then one of the major promotions will hire you and you will start earning money according to your contract. To unlock the editor for each promotion  you must win the world title. 

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