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World of Goo


2D Boy


October 13, 2008


Physics, Puzzle


single player


Windows, Mac, Linux, WiiWare, Wii.


Mouse, pointer



World of Goo is a physics puzzle game by 2D Boy where the player uses blobs of goo to build structures.


World of Goo is requires the player to pick up goo and stick them together to build toward an intake pipe, and then meet a quota of goo to be delivered to the pipe. The structures are influenced by physics and will sway, deform, and even break under their own weight, so the player has to build their goo up carefully.

There are different types of goo and other usable items such as green goo that can be pulled from the structure and repositioned, red goo that is flammable, balloons that lift and support structures, clear goo that can be chained together, and beauty goo that meets quota for red pipes. (Not exhaustive)


World of Goo won the 2008 IGF Design Innovation and Technical Excellence awards.

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