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The Shivah is a Adventure game|computer game designed and developed by Dave Gilbert with the assistance of others (such as voice actors and artists). The game was originally developed for the Monthly Adventure Game Studio 5th anniversary competition in June 2006, which it won[1]. The author, now publishing as Wadjet Eye Games, then improved the game: making it longer, with voice acting, DVD-style commentary and extra puzzles. In September 2006 the game was on sale via the Internet from the Wadjet Eye Games site or from Manifesto Games.


thumb|320px|right|trailer A point-and-click adventure game, in The Shivah players assume the role of Rabbi Russell Stone, who is visited by the police and informed that a murdered ex-member of his dilapidated New York synagogue has bequeathed him a large sum of money. Puzzled that a man with whom he had fallen out many years before had given him money, Rabbi Stone sets out to clear his name and investigate the murder.

Rabbi Stone begins by paying a Shivah visit to the widow of the murdered man and slowly uncovers a conspiracy and discovers who was behind the now multiple murders. The game also features a scene where two Rabbis fight with words, similar to the insult swordfighting of Monkey Island. The Shivah's unique use of a Rabbi as protagonist and exploration of Jewish themes has garnered the game press[2][3] and reviews.[4][5][6][7][8][9]



thumb|320px|right|David Gilbert presenting The Shivah at an IGDA meeting in New York, 2006 In the AGS Awards for games from 2006, The Shivah won Best Dialogue writing[10] and Dave won the Lifetime Achievement Award. The Shivah came 2nd in Game Tunnel's Sound award for 2006[11] and 3rd in their Adventure/Quest Game of the Year awards[12].


A number of characters and names from the game have appeared in The Blackwell Legacy and its sequel.

Gilbert has stated that he is planning to release at least two sequels to The Shivah, but they are going to be made after the Blackwell series is completed.


  • The game was exclusive to Manifesto Games for a while, and was that portal's flagship game.
  • David Gilbert later said he regretted pricing the game at only $5, and that he felt that he could have made a lot more money if it were at something like $10.


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