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The Path


Tale of Tales


March 18, 2009





PC, Mac


Mouse, keyboard, gamepad


The Path is a third person exploration game designed by Tale of Tales, based on Little Red Riding Hood. It takes place in a fairly large scenic forest, which is split in two by a large path. The path serves as a beacon of safety in the wilderness, but the true adventure happens in those woods which hang over the path to each side.


You start by choosing one of the six sisters, who then has to walk to the house of her grandmother, with the only real direction given as "stay on the path". If you happen to do this however, the game scolds you for it. Instead, the real mystery and interest in the game lies in the forest. Each girl has their own personality traits, which directly influence their own stories, and their interactions with each object they encounter. All of the girls move relatively slowly and uses this as an effect to build tension.


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