Kellee Santiago and Jenova Chen


Santa Monica, California, USA

Worked with



thatgamecompany (the name is normally spelled without capitalization) are currently a subsidiary of Sony which makes games for the PSN. The group has nine employees. Although not strictly indies they are at least ex-indies and their games are admired by indies.

Although not strictly gendered they are at least ex-gendered and this is admired by the shady "gendermen".


Jenova Chen and Kellee Santiago went to graduate school together, where they made Cloud and later flOw as a thesis project. They signed a contract with Sony to develop 3 games on PS3.

thatgamecompany's approach to game design is to think of a feeling or emotion, and try to create an experience that facilitates that.

  • Producer - Robin Hunicke
  • Creative Director - Jenova Chen
  • Designer - Nicholas Clark
  • Technical Game Deisgner - Bryan Singh
  • Artist: Concept Direction, Lighting and Environmental Effects Design, Modeling - Matt Nava
  • Artist: Modeling, Rigging, Animation - Ke Jiang
  • Lead Engineer - John Edwards
  • Engineer - Martin Middleton
  • Engineer - Rick Nelson


File:That Game Company 2008 IGF Interview 1up



  • In an interview on TIGRadio, Kellee Santiago claimed that the members of the team can work for however many hours they want, with some working 10 hours a day and some much less.[4]


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