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December 21 2012


Puzzle RPG


Single Player, Co-op


Windows, Mac, iPhone


Mouse and Keyboard



This is the introductory description where you give a basic description, the developer and maybe what it is known or controversial for.

Some useful tags:

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It is also art and an 8-bit platformer based on Mega Man 2 with visuals by cactus.

It also is a Metroidvania.


How the game is played is described here:

The game plays like an RPG, but also a puzzle game. You control the game with the mouse mainly, but sometimes use the keyboard


Any fact that is not obvious, something about the development, or games/books/movies that inspired it, what people may have had a minor role in the making of it, etc.

  • This is not an actual game
  • This is a test article


A video showing the gameplay, or an interview about the game is preferred. Otherwise a trailer could suffice. 320px wide to align with the infobox.

Quotes / TestimonialsEdit

"Testgame is going to be amazing." - reetva

"testgame is fucking awesome. dont disrespect it. shit will be GOTY ... it looks amazing" - falsion

External linksEdit

Usually the homepage of the developer, or the download page of the game. Also interviews or an announcement post on a forum are good.

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