Tale of Tales
Michael Samyn and Auriea Harvey



Worked with

Takayoshi Sato, Lina Kusaite, Laura Raines Smith, Gerry De Mol, Jarboe, Jan Verschoren, Kris Force, Ronald Jones, Eléonore Valere Lachky, Stacey Diana Clark, Pedro Murteira, Martin Maximilian Michl, Gorik Lindemans, Ferry Marcelis, Alex Mouton, Ringtail Studios, Dragonfly Production Studio, International Hobo



Tale of Tales is the Belgian artist couple Michael Samyn and Auriea Harvey. They distinguish themselves from games in general, looking more for "realtime art". (see external links)


Tale of Tales started their game making with The Endless Forest. They garnered attention with The Graveyard, a very unconventional thing in the realm of games, an art game if you will. They continued to work on these more poetry than action games, until they decided to withdraw from the 'gamespace', nevertheless continuing to work on projects.



In developmentEdit


  • For the development of Fatale, Takayoshi Sato was brought in as 3d character artist. He is famed for his work on Silent Hill 1 and 2.

External linksEdit

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