Early logo, circa 2007.

"The Independent Games Source" (TIGS) website covers independent (indie) game news, reviews, and interviews. The site also regularly hosts themed game competitions/jams and has a very active forum and irc channel.


The TIGS website was started by Jordan Magnuson (aka flamingpear) and announced to the world on the forums in January '05. Initially the site caused consternation among independent developers for its irreverent style and unabashed criticism of the "match three" clones that were prevalent in the "independent" game community. The site rapidly grew in readership, and quickly gained a cult status.

In late 2005, Jordan, unable to continue updating the site for personal reasons, posted an offer to hand editorial control over to anyone who could prove interest and qualification to take over. Derek Yu stepped in and continued to grow the community into the vibrant and highly opinionated community of game developers and enthusiasts that it is today.


The TIGSource forums, or TIGForums, are currently the largest forums solely dedicated to independent game creation. They feature a place to get feedback on one's work-in-progress games, a place to announce one's finished games, a place to ask for help or to give help to others, and discussions on design, technical, creative, visual, and audio issues related to indie games. There are also several hidden forums.


On the forums, competitions both official and unofficial are held.

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