Sure ShotEdit

Sure Shot is a game made by Mat Dickie and had two remakes, a Star Wars edition  and a 3D remake. The original Sure Shot was hailed as a "gem" by PC Utilities magazine,the game offers an innovative spin on the shoot'em-up genre. You can download the original here .

Sure Shot


Mat Dickie



shoot 'em-up






keyboard and mouse


Ref pcutilities

Sure Shot in PC Utilities Magazine



Sure Shot is the ultimate test of co-operation. You play as two soldiers that are camped out on either side of the screen. When an enemy is in their sights they must shoot at each other, thus sandwiching the enemy is a blaze of machine gun fire. However, any miscalcualtions will result in them shooting each other! They must clear the area with as much health as possible.

Game ModesEdit

There are two modes of play:      

Battle Ground  The main game, whereby you must play through 25 preset areas. Your progress is saved and restored automatically, complete with hi scores.                                                              Edit

Training Ground  This mode allows you to set up your own area. The options are very limited until you complete the main game.Edit

Remakes​     Edit

Sure Shot :Star Wars Edition -This version casts you as Han Solo and Chewbacca,as they blast their way through 5 familiar whilst trying to salvage Rebel Droids (C3P0). New enemies include Storm Trooper variations, Remote Probes, Tuskan Raiders, and Bounty Hunters

Sure Shot 3D - This remake has better visuals,presentation and 3D gameplay.You can download it here Edit

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