Super Smash Land


Dan Fornace


2012 (PC), TBA (Mac)




Arcade, Versus, Endless




Keyboard, Computer Input Controllers


Super Smash Land is a freeware PC demake of the Super Smash Bros. games, designed to sound and look like a Gameboy game. The concept was first perceived by Dan Fornace.


The game consists of eight characters. Battles consist of one to three characters, that must attack each other until he or she is the last one standing.

Arcade ModeEdit

The player must select a player, and play through four stages. The stages include random characters (each must be defeated only once), and the player must defeat them to move on. The player's score is determined by factors such as speed, variety, etc. and each character will receive a character score. The third stage will include twelve of the same characters (though, much easier to defeat). The final stage is Mega Man, with two lives. The character scores will be combined for a total score.

Versus ModeEdit

The player can select from his or her unlocked character pool, and then select a stage. Up to four players (human or otherwise) can compete, with a set number of lives. The concept is similar to that of arcade mode. The last player standing will win, and the other characters will be ranked at the end.


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