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Super Hypercube
Logo in the game


Kokoromi and Polytron


November 21 2008




Single Player




Xbox 360 controller



thumb|320px|rightSuper Hypercube was Kokoromi's own entry into their Gamma 3D showcase. It was developed in conjunction with Polytron.


The game plays like a variation on the concept of "Human Tetris" where the goal is to fit a shape into the hole in the wall, with the shape approaching the wall at constant speed. The player can control the orientation of the shape with the triggers and thumbsticks of an Xbox 360 controller.

Failure or success to do so results in the shape and wall changing to a whole new set. Each game's length is set to 5 minutes, to fit the requirements of a Gamma game entry. The shapes get progressively more complex and bigger as the player reaches the time limits.

The game is meant to be played with a setup of Wiimote Headtracking, using the same libraries as Johnny Lee's famous wiimote hacking project[1] . In this case, the head movement controls the camera panning and zoom. The game can also be played without headtracking; the right thumbstick then controls the camera.

Super Hypercube also uses red/cyan stereoscopic rendering, and will look even more awesome with the appropriate glasses.


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