Snakes of Avalon
a drinking man's point & click adventure game


Igor Hardy & Alex van der Wijst




Point and Click Adventure


Single Player






Snakes of Avalon Official (if a little shabby) Website

Snakes of Avalon is a surreal adventure game with Hitchcockian themes created by Igor Hardy and Alex van der Wijst. It was made with Adventure Game Studio.


The player is cast into the role of a barfly of the name Jack hanging around a smelly, rundown establishment called Avalon.

Fate decides Jack overhears a couple of patrons conspiring to murder someone. Barely standing on his feet and overrun by nasty hallucinations Jack decides to try his best at preventing the killing.

The game has typical point and click adventure game controls. You use the mouse cursor to move your character around the screen and to interact with the environment.

Where to Find ITEdit

AGS Database Entry

The Snakes of Avalon Official Website

Awards and NominationsEdit

Snakes of Avalon was picked by as one of the 10 best freeware adventure games of 2010.

It was also nominated in 9 categories, including Best Game, in the (not yet concluded) AGS Awards 2010.


Interview for Cultural Zest

Interview for CaptainD's Blog

Interview for The AGS Blog

The SoundtrackEdit

The Snakes of Avalon soundtrack was composed by Thomas Regin known for his work for Dave Gilbert's Blackwell series and Emerald City Confidential.

The soundtrack features also 3 public domain jazz recordings that were used for bar radio music and a song by Ashley Johnston titled Girls Are Bitches.

The full soundtrack was released seperately for Christmas 2010 and is available for download here.

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