Sam Garcia, known as gmx0 throughout the internet community, produces free downloadable PC games using Game Maker. He has finished his first official game BUG Attack, which chronicles an adventure of a microscopic alien ship that crashes on the Earth and attacked by bugs. Sam has also created Steam Empires for the fifth YoYo Games Competition. For the Game Jolt Weekend Jam 2, he created Shark Week. 

His on-and-off project is Ground Zero CLASH, which aims to be a C&C quality RTS.

As of 2014, he works with indie game startup Pawbyte as the Lead Marketing Director over projects such as Pawbyte Mafia, Agriduel, and Underground Space Throne.

On the side, he has many small projects, such as Offgrid, Aethernoughts, and Wormhole Eilis.

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