Sam Lantinga

Latest release

SDL 1.2 (October 2009)

First release





LGPL 2.1

Target platform(s)

Windows, Mac, Linux, others

Development platform(s)



SDL Homepage

SDL, or Simple DirectMedia Library is a cross-platform multimedia framework written in C. The library provides video (software/hardware renderers as well as an OpenGL wrapper), input device handling, minor window event management, multi-threading, audio and other things.

However, there are some limitations to the framework. For instance, only one window may be managed by SDL. Also, any resolution changing or resizing done when using OpenGL will reset the GL context (and with it, all textures, vertex buffer objects and other GL settings will be nuked), which means that either this data must be pooled internally and reloaded each time this happens, or the programmer must disallow resizing at runtime.

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