Ron Bunce


Essex UK

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Ron, also known as "X-0ut", owns/operates indie game company Dark Castle Software and is well known as the creator of Gravitron 2. He has also done some notable work on shmups and other games.

He has also participated in the Ludum Dare 48-hour game development competition, Retro Remakes, Shmup-Dev and various other programming competitions.


Born in 1975, Ron started developing simple games in the BASIC language in the early 80's for the C64 / ZX / Amstrad. Migrated to the Amiga where he learned the simple languages Amos and Blitz Basic. In the late 90's moved to PC hardware and took up C++.

Married in 2000 to his beautiful wife Kerry, and now has three children.



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Ron likes cookies.

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