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Rom check fail




march 2008




Windows, Linux



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Rom Check Fail is a game by Farbs, created for the TIGSource Competition themed "Video Game Name Generator" in 3 weeks.


(from the browser version)

You start off as a random character from a random game. Each character has different abilities:

Mario (Super Mario Brothers) - jump on enemies to kill.

Pac-Man (Pac-Man) - eat the super pellet that appears on the screen to turn enemies into blue ghosts. Then, you can eat them by going over them.

Link (The Legend of Zelda) - use sword to kill.

Spaceship (Space Invaders) - can only move left and right. To kill, shoot bullet.

Spaceship #2 (Asteroids!) - can go anywhere. Aim with left and right, boost with up. To kill, shoot bullet.

Spaceship (Defender) - can move left, right, up, and down, but can only shoot left or right.  To kill, shoot line.

( add more characters if possible )


up, down, left, right - move            space bar- jump (Mario only), other

The game has 20 levels in all. To  beat a level, all enemies must be killed like:

Goomba (Super Mario Brothers)

Ghosts (Gauntlet)

Invaders (Space Invaders)

Colorful blocks (Breakout!)

Asteroids (Asteroids!)

Blue ghosts (not really a killer enemy, but you can eat them with Pac-Man [see Pac-Man on the list of characters] by getting the pellet.)

( add more characters if possible)

Please note everything will change after about 5 seconds in game, so be quick.

You have 3 lives. every level cleared rewards an extra 1-up. loose all 3, and its game over.

Once all 20 levels are cleared, the game will restart only on a higher difficulty.


- In honor of the 5th anniversary of ROM CHECK FAIL, an online web browser version was released.

-Once the game is completed, the screen will show several win screens from random games from Sega, Nintendo, Atari, and a few other companies. It will also display two pieces of text on the bottom:

-Press Fire To Continue
-The princess is in a faster castle!

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