on the surface


Anna Anthropy, Amon26


March 10, 2010


puzzle platformer


Single Player







REDDER is a Flash game by Anna Anthropy. The player must collect energy cells to power their drained space ship. Collecting energy cells will bring you closer to your goal.


The gameplay in REDDER consists of the simple use of jumping to get across the terrain and around obstacles. The puzzle part comes in when determining how to get the energy cells scattered about the small world. Many of them require indirect routes or are behind blocks that must be lowered with a switch.

As you collect crystals, gradually the game would intentionally glitch: replacing tiles with garbage tiles, as if by taking the crystals away from the planet you were destroying it. Another interpretation of this glitching is the character hallucinating, or its mind being otherwise altered.


  • According to the author, the game can be spelled as REDDER or redder, but not Redder; this highlights the palindromic nature of the title and gameplay.
  • You can finish the game 3 crystals short of all of them.
  • The 3 secret rooms were only added to fulfill a mandatory Newgrounds achievement requirement and "keep achievements out of the rest of the game" [1].
  • This game is set in the same world as Lesbian Spider Queens Of Mars.
  • The main character's name is "Hannah".
  • The spaceship is designed to look like the protagonist of Anna's previous game, When Pigs Fly.

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