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Petri Purho
at a Party(picture by Grapefrukt)



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Petri Purho (gummikana) is a Finnish indie game developer. He is primarily known for his rapidly developed game prototypes, and for his first commercially released game, Crayon Physics Deluxe, which won the 2008 IGF Grand Prize.



Petri Purho releases the majority of his games in monthly intervals, usually spending one week developing each game. This development cycle was temporarily put on hold, however,

thumb|300px|right When he decided to further develop one of the prototypes, Crayon Physics, it went on to win the Seamus McNally grand prize at the 2007 IGF, and was eventually released in early 2009. Petri Purho has since resumed the creation of his monthly prototypes.


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When you ask him what he wants you to draw he usually asks for a penis. Petri is also a stage magician.

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