Ore No Ryomi 2 is a freeware restaurant simulation created by Vertigo Games in 2004. It is the sequel to Ore No Ryomi, which was a PC remake of Ore No Ryouri (a cooking game on Playstation).


In Ore No Ryomi 2 the player acts as both the manager and the duty-performer of a restaurant. During business hours, the player needs to perform various tasks in the restaurant, including making dishes, washing dishes, disposals, etc.

When the restaurant is not running, the player manages the restaurant by buying food, advertising and other optional items to improve the restaurant.

Also, sometimes a bunny comes up on the screen and you have to shut down the computer, because it is a bunny virus

Ice Cream FlavoursEdit

The ice cream flavours are: mint, sherbet, grape, vanilla and chocolate. YUM DELICIOUS DELIGHTFUL WONDERFUL


HelloGames described Ore No Ryomi 2 as "Radiates pure addictiveness"

BVA (Bunny Viruses Association) said: "Ore No Ryomi 2 is the perfect game, we applaud its efforts to include an extensive number of bunny viruses"

John the Cockroach commented, on behalf of the Serious Pplz Union: "This is a great game in itself however the person who added nonsensical text to its Tig Wikia page should immediately be executed by the Head-Chopper Donut."

The Head-Chopper Donut STRONGLY DISAGREES and sends the public the following message:


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