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Miner Man is an XBLIG game, It’s an overhead puzzle game where you have to collect the gems by working your way through the dirt.


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You play as Miner Man Mike, you have to collect all the gems on each level so the exit will open. As you move through the map you dig out the dirt leaving gaps. Rolling rocks are positioned around the map and can move in 4 different directions. This can be seen by the shadow on the face of the rock, the rocks will only move into empty spacers.

Miner man gems

Miner man Gems

Miner man rocks

Miner man Rocks

Miner man carts

Miner man Tracks

This creates a game that is based of consequence, every move you make could lets rock move into positions that could stop you from completing the level, forcing you to r'e-start and try again.

Later levels include Mine cart tracks and donkey rides, Where you have to pick the path you need. Ants in the path, that you will need to collect the ant spray to pass, and broken stones that need to be smashed by the rolling rocks.

Also as a side task you can collect the lost miners, You can find 10 lost miners that appear throughout the levels. Then you can view or swap to the lost miner in the hub area.

If you play as the Ant - you will not need to pick-up the ant spray.If you play as the Dinosaur  - you will be able to smash through the broken stones.

​T'he 60 levels are on 3 different maps. With 20 levels on each.And the Hub area at the end of each map that gives the user access to any Lost miners that have been found.

Back StoryEdit

Miner Man Mike has always been a miner. His father was a Miner and his father's father before him was a Miner. Now Mike has his greatest challenge ahead of him. The Lost Mines Of The North have been found and Mike has been asked to Mine all the Gems. It's been rumoured that the Mines were lost because whoever steps foot into the Mines has never been seen again.

List of Lost MinersEdit

  • Gold Miner
  • Cowboy
  • Miner
  • Rescue Miner
  • Old Miner
  • Caveman
  • Ant
  • Kid
  • Dinosaurs
  • Alien


The Game was also converted to the ZX81 by Bob Smith.  

Exrernal LinksEdit


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