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Mark Essen
Messhof o
Glamour Messhof



Worked with

GDFX, Pixeljam


Mark "Messhof" Essen is a game developer from the USA with a simple but chaotic style usually. So far most of Messhof's games have been made with Game Maker. His breakout 'hit' was Flywrench.


Messhof's creative style can be described as lofi, experimental and punishing. Most of his games play with new types of controls, often requiring the player to be very precise or a failstate occurs.

Messhof is currently a grad student in UCLA's Design and Media Arts program.



The Thrill of Combat


In developmentEdit

  • A Bike Game With Cactus


  • Essen likes to play with computer boards and electronics. He has made a lot of original sounds for his games with this skill.
  • He also likes Final Fantasy 8 and 9.


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