Michael "Kayin" O'Reilly


Long Island, New York

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Michael "Kayin" O'Reilly is a New York based independent game developer, known primarily for his only released game,I Wanna Be the Guy . When not busy not releasing new games, Kayin writes rambly game theorist posts on his blog . Kayin may be a lesbian on the weekends.


Kayin was a long time aspiring game developer, working with ZZT and Megazeux, before finding out how to use modern game makers. Kayin ascribes most of his inactivity to the fact that he finds most to be insufficient after the release of I Wanna Be the Guy.

Kayin doesn't spend much time interacting with the indie community, but writes semi frequently on his blog about various games (usually heavily in depth), competitive game balance, level design and art. Kayin also is outspoken against "Art Games", insisting that the most important art games are those that exist as finely crafted games and not attempts to imitate other mediums.



I Wanna Be the Guy

I Wanna Be the Guy: GAIDEN

In developmentEdit

Brave Earth: Prologue

sold outEdit

I Wanna Save The Kids


I Wanna Fix


Despite the game's humble graphics, Kayin is a professional graphic designer.

Kayin was at one point a tournament class Fighting Game player, which cases a lot of his writings to focus on competitive video games and balance.

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