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Las Cruces, New Mexico, USA

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Jason Rohrer's homepage

Jason Rohrer is known for his minimalistic, experimental games, most notably Passage.



Rohrer started publishing his games online somewhere in 2006 or 2007, starting with Transcend.

Passage was entered into the second edition of Gamma.


Game Design Sketchbook entries for Escapist Magazine:Edit

  • Perfectionism -- about the trap of perfectionism.
  • Idealism -- about learning ideals from others.
  • Police Brutality -- how can you thwart unreasonable police escalation?
  • Immortality -- If you could become immortal, would you?
  • Regret -- about leaving the past behind you.
  • i45hg -- testing the limits of single-player.
  • Crude Oil -- his first two-player game.

In developmentEdit

(Passage, Gravitation and Between for DSiWare, done by Sabarasa]

(published by Majesco on DSiWare)



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