Jacob Buczynski


Victoria, Melbourne

Worked with

Bizarre Wound


Games Edit


Bitie Snake (2005)

The Windows Satan Game (2006)

NEU+RAL (2006)

Cosmic Poe (2006)

Funky Adam (2006)

Groink (2006)

WTF Series (2006)

Cosmic Fallout (2006)

Mighty Champions (2007)

Adventures From The Crocodile Guy (2007)

Chef Le Puke (2007)

The Demonic Faces (2007)

Seismic Death (2007)

Devil Bout (2007)

Revenge Of The Sunfish (2007)

Ape Quest (Rape An Ape) (C64) (2008)

Space Hippy (Space Station Hippy) (C64) (2008)

Cripple Apocalypse (2008)

Evil Mormon Space Fruits (Extraterrestrial Indigestion) (2008)

Pasta Master (Paster Master) (2008)

Space Rot (2009)

Danger Sprout (2013)

Advanced Midget Simulator (2013)

Colorscope (2014)

Monkey Egg (Android) (2014)

Kitten Punch (Kitty Punch) (Android) (2014)

Mini Grub (PC/Android) (2014)

Grub Banger (2014)

Crunge (PC/Android) (2015)

In ProgressEdit

Revenge Of The Sunfish 2

Skiggy Zone

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