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JForce Games consists of Jonny, Jesse, Jeremy, and Ty, who are all real-life friends. Although the public face of JForce and the guy who posts on the forums as JForce Games is their marketing head, Jeremy Eden. They make games for XBLIG, and are notorious for the words and actions of their arrogant and hyper-aggressive marketer, Jeremy.


thumb|320px|right|JForce Saga, Episode OneTheir first appearance in the indie game scene was on various forums, where they were asking for a lead programmer for their game; they would handle the design, art and marketing, they just needed someone to make their game for them.

Their idea for a game was for a top-down shooter involving a series of crazy characters. They claimed that this would be the best game ever made. Rightfully, they were mocked by everyone, and told to learn programming themselves, and start with a much simpler game rather than such a complex and ambitious one, and to not assume that their first game will be a masterpiece.

Jeremy at first vehemently argued against this reaction, saying they just needed someone to make their game for them. Eventually Jonny began to program the game instead (Jonny and Ty were actually against recruiting a programmer), but more than 2 years went by with no game being released. So they decided to switch to a simpler game, as people suggested they do originally. That simpler game was Avatar Showdown, a reaction test game which uses the Xbox avatars, and it was one of the best-selling games for XBLIG, ever. JForce seemed Unstoppable.



Avatar Showdown

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thumb|320px|right|How to get Banned from TIGSource... TWICE

  • They are controversial for their arrogance, and generally disliked by other members of the indie games community. Jeremy Eden is one of only two people to have been banned from TIGsource, twice (the other is Super Joe).
  • They also made a video in which they challenged and insulted fellow indie developer Gyrovorbis, which caused many more people to dislike JForce. Gyrovorbis' forum is the source of much discussion of Jforce's arrogance.
  • They are also controversial for the racist content of some of their advertisements which seem to make fun of black people. However, since one of their members is black, they feel they are immune to criticism on that front.


  • The favorite games of Jeremy, Jesse, Jonny, and Ty are (respectively), Ocarina of Time, Modern Warfare 2, Perfect Dark, and Shenmue II.
  • Avatar Showdown, their first game, was the #1 selling XBLIG game for its first four weeks, earning them tons of money, none of which was deserved.
  • They make a series of videos documenting rise to fame.

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