Infinite Knights: Awakening (also known as Infinite Knights I or simply Infinite Knights) is an upcoming action RPG developed by Citadel Studios. It is the first installment in the Infinite Knights anthology. It follows a group of friends named Aldor Bloodseeker, Adriel Windrider, and Frederic Warstorm who embark on a quest to stop Azador the Dark One from unleashing an army of demons upon the world.

Synopsis Edit

Three friends, Aldor Bloodseeker, Adriel Windrider, and Frederic Warstorm, find an old man in the woods named Ezebur, the Forgotten One. They follow him to the Temple of Light, where they ask to join him in his quest to defeat Azador the Dark One before he can reach the Core of Oblivion and unleash a horde of evil demons that intend to destroy the world.

Development Edit

Development on Infinite Knights: Awakening began on August 8, 2016. The first official gameplay video was published on YouTube on August 18, 2016. At the same time, the release date was announced as February 21, 2017. Kevin Garcia, head and lead developer of Citadel Studios, has stated that the next title in the series is already in production and will begin development in early December. Citadel Studios has also stated that they are later going to be working on a first-person-shooter game set in outer space.

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