I Fell in Love with the Majesty of Colors
To fall in love


Gregory Weir




Art Game


Single Player






A Flash game in which you play as a Lovecraftian horror whose main interaction with the outside world is a lone, monstrous tentacle. Your choices in the game effect how people react to you, and effect which of the six game endings you get, each based on a few decisive actions.


The narrative begins by describing a dream, and you begin playing as soon as the explanation begins. The narrative changes throughout based upon you choices, and the title comes into play as soon as you drag a balloon to your eyes with a tentacle. In the next sequence, a motorboat comes along above you, and the game will not progress until he drowns or is taken or and placed back onto his motorboat. Afterwords, a fishing vessel shows up, offering the similar choice of helping them fish, or killing them. At this point, the game branches off into three final paths, each with two final choices, resulting in the six separate endings of the game.


It has a couple things in common with I Wish I Were the Moon: short Flash games with branching story paths and a counter for the amount of endings you have unlocked.

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