Hero of Many is a video game developed by Trickster Arts. It is an action adventure game for iOS, Android, Ouya and Windows. The game is inspired by  Another World, Heart of Darkness and Abe's Oddysee. It contains black silhouette graphics similar to Limbo.

Hero of Many
Hero of Many


Trickster Arts




Action adventure



Windows, Android, Iphone




Gameplay Edit

Player takes role of a white ball-shaped creature.The game is set in an underwater cave in which live fishes. There are two groups of them. White ones are friends to the player an accompany him as they get near. Black ones are enemies and attacks him and his companions. The player can send the white creatures that follow him against the black ones. The goal of the game is to reach the end of the levels. The game also contains multiple puzzles that the player has to solve.


TWhte fishes live in an underwater cave but are attacked by black fishes who are trying to genocide them. The story follows Hero who leads a ressistance against black fishes.



The eponymous protagonist of the game. He was attacked by black fishes and then started to gather a swarm of white fishes around himself. He leads his swarm to battles against black enemies. During the game he becomes stronger and gains various powers. 


The main antagonist in Hero of Many. He is the leader of black fishes. He is very strong and dangerous. Hero battles him several times

Red Edit

She is a friend of Hero and a Queen of Red World who is very often on a run from enemies. They often cooperate with each other. She gained a new power which she gave to Hero.


Another ally of Hero. He helped him to ressurect the Tree of Life but died while protecting it from black fishes..


A powerful creature who protects a temple in blue world. He witnessed a rise of black fishes. He later taught Little Hero a new power.


The most loyal Hero's fish who is always around him. It follows him in any situation. It is the sole surviving companion from the attack that occured in the beginning of game.

Grey Edit

Grey creature that lived in Grey world. He came across black matter that turned him Black.

Black CaptainEdit

He led black fishes who attacked Grey World. He was a dangerous enemy to Hero but after a tense fight he was killed.

Reception Edit

The reception was very positive. It was praised for its atmospehere, gameplay, graphics and soundtrack.

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