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Glen "Radix" Forrester is a Sydney, Australia based developer who has released dozens of small freeware games.

He is best known for Kaiser Kitty (2004, gravity-flipping puzzle platformer), Bastard World (2006, precision platformer), his untitled work-in-progress 3D Zelda 1 remake (WIP, first-person shooter), GNILLEY (2010, microphone-controlled yelling game), and Enough Plumbers (2010, clone cloning puzzle platformer). Many of his games are developed for jams such as Ludum Dare and Klik of the Month Klub.

In 2010, he teamed up with Arthur Lee to form a little collective called mak gam.


Radix lived in China for a while, where he taught English to Chinese alligators, but moved back to Australia recently. Wait, no, he's in China again.


GNILLEY presentation at Game Jam Sydney02:18

GNILLEY presentation at Game Jam Sydney

Radix in the GNILLEY presentation; Radix is the one without a hat


(A number of other releases are either lost to time or simply not listed on his website, if you find any, add them!)

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