Gamma is a yearly game showcase event, usually held in Montreal, organized by Kokoromi. The number of submissions increases exponentially each year:

Gamma 1: 7, Gamma 256: 18, Gamma 3D: 14, Gamma IV: 154.

Screen shot 2010-05-23 at 01.22.58

Common rulesEdit

Usually each entered game is required to be possible to finish in 5 minutes.


Gamma 01 : Audio FeedEdit

Gamma 01 had 7 entrants

Gamma 256Edit


Gamma 256 had 18 entrants.


The entered games had to use a frame of 256 pixels tops, in whatever shape they wanted.


Passage (Jason Rohrer) | stdBits (Mark Johns) | Bloody Zombies (Petri Purho) | Mr. Heart Loves You Very Much (Zaphos) | Mondrian Provoked (Jim McGinley)

Gamma 3DEdit

Gamma 3d Gamma 3D had 14 entrants.



ze gogglez

The entered games needed to make use of stereoscopy, 3D glasses being provided at the event.


Paper Moon (Alec Holowka) | Super Hypercube (Kokoromi & Polytron)

Gamme IVEdit

Gamma iv Gamma IV had 154 entrants, quite a leap from the previous years.


The rules of entry were that the games needed to use 1 button per player.


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