heads beefiest first

Rule 1: Choose a unit type, one of opponents units of that type (if exists) must aim and face one direction on turn 2, keep that aim all game, same direction. - 2 points

Rule 2: No two units may take cover behind the same wall / table / window. - 4 points

Rule 3: Change one of opponents mg units into a sniper / also / one of your own mg units turns random. - 4 points

Rule 4: Choose one of opponents mg units to only aim backwards while moving (only odd turns, standing still can aim freely). - 3 points

Rule 5: Set game mode to your choice (Extermination, Secure, Disputed, or Hostage). - 2 points

Rule 6: Sets game mode to randomly Extermination or Disputed and turns all units into SGs. - 5 points

Rule 7: Randomize all units except one of your own chose to stay what it is. - 3 points

Rule 8: All sg units must duck on even rounds. (for the entire round.) - 4 points


beef : rule 7 7left

xg : rule 1 (mg unit) 8 left

beef : rule 4 4left

xg : rule 2 4left

beef : rule 5 (secure) 2left

xg: rule 1 (sg unit) 2left

beef : rule 1 (sg unit) buzzzerrr

xg : rule 5 (disputed) null


beef mg mg mg

xg : mg mg mg

randomized except 1 mg:

beef : mg(aims turn2 must hold all game) rocket sg(aims turn2 must hold all game)

xg : gren sg(aims turn2 must hold all game) rocket

(No two units may take cover behind the same wall / table / window)

Afterthoughts by TheBeefiest:

Limiting units to aiming the whole game slows it down immensely and i did not find that enjoyable.

Next time i will put percentage limits on getting so many grenadiers and rocketmen haha

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