How to playEdit

1. Flip coin to see who goes first

2. We each get 10 points to buy features, all units starting as mg

(not sure how many per team yet, cannot change in editor)

(editor can currently generate Extermination, Secure, Disputed, or Hostage levels)

3. Take turns: proposing a rule change. (ex: changing own mg into a sg, opponent turns one mg into a sniper)

4. Other player sets the point cost to do such a move max 5, or decides unreasonable (losing 1 point to decide unreasonable)

5. Repeat step 3, four times each player.

6. Spend points to make changes.

If rules do not cover it: A random person opens the editor and challenges, a random game mode is chosen from above editor options,

Games in ProgressEdit


Completed GamesEdit

FsTheBeefiestXgreen (ID: -72866)

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