One of the included bosses.






shmup, arena shooter, boss rush


single player




keyboard, mouse



Fraxy is a boss rush shmup where everything is editable within itself; it is known for its huge focus on customization: music, sounds, backgrounds, language files, ship, ship parts, bullets, bullet patterns, bosses -- everything can be changed from within the game itself.


Depends on customization, but usually involves battles with bosses rather than smaller enemies. Players pride themselves on creating interesting or tough bosses and uploading them for others to play. After a boss is loaded into the game's directory, the player can also play random mode, where they fights against a random user-created. Creating bosses also can involve scripting the boss's behavior, although this is not required to create a new boss.

Bosses are made of segmented parts, connected together in any way the boss designer wants. Those parts usually have attributes that get added to the boss, such as armor, aiming, weapons, movement, repair, and others. Parts are destroyed individually, or you can destroy the 'core' of a boss to defeat it. The core is often protected by a ring of armored parts, although some bosses have 'weak spots' where you can shoot at the core unobstructed. Sometimes there are smaller cores which destroy individual limbs or surrounding parts of a boss, but not the whole boss.

The player's ship itself is more simple, but has the distinct ability of being able to dash through enemy fire: when dashing (which can only be done for short bursts) it is immune to damage. Dashing through long lines or barrages of fire to save spots is often essential to success in defeating the user-made bosses. The player's ship can also fire missles, which uses up some of its energy (which it slowly regains).




  • It was once in an indygamer cage match battle against Warning Forever.
  • There are over 1700 videos on YouTube about Fraxy, showcasing different customizations.
  • Fraxy is a combination of two words: Fraction and Galaxy.

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