Façad℮ - Interactive Story


Andrew Stern


July 2005









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The experience is, in its entirety, a drama. Set in an apartment in the city, the two tenants, a married couple by the names of Travis (also known as Trip) and Grace invite you over to their house for drinks. What starts out as a night based on meeting up with old acquaintances turns into a darker occurrence, as the two finally reveal that their marriage is falling apart.

The objective is to, in one way or another, resolve the couple's strife; and that can be accomplished in many different ways. After a brief cutscene, where Trip calls the player's home and informs them that he and Grace would enjoy their company, the player chooses a name from a list, and then the experience commences.

Starting outside Trip and Grace's door, the couple can be heard arguing from the other side of the door. The player can then approach the door and knock on it, or wait for Trip to answer the door. After that, whatever occurs is entirely dependent on what the player says and does. The player can complete the experience in one of three ways; the player could be excused from the apartment after the couple have revealed their inner strife, which is widely considered to be the 'good' ending, one of the tenants can leave after exclaiming that their marriage was 'over', or the player can be ejected from the apartment, usually from being too vulgar or obscene, for example, by shouting "melon."

The experience is fairly interactive, set in a 3-dimensional world full of interactive objects, from statuettes to doors. While the player is able to move about the 3-dimensional apartment and pick up various objects, as well as drinking beverages provided by the characters, the player mainly progresses by using dialogue and speaking to the characters. The player types what they want to say in a space with a character limit, and the characters Trip and Grace respond accordingly. Despite the limits that pre-recorded audio provides, the experience is ranges from highly intelligent to utterly hilarious, and is able to give coherent and sensible responses to a variety of different prompts.


  • This experience was actually created so that players could experience the varieties in which a drama can commence; no two storylines are exactly the same, thanks to the fancy AI responses.
  • There is a certain word (melon) that can be said to Trip as he opens the door, which makes a dark look cross his face, after which he simply slams the door in your face, and the experience ends. This is the quickest ending.
  • The player can check a 'script' of the drama they had created afterwards, no matter what ending had occurred. All the dialogue was captured and placed in that file, which is viewable and shareable.

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