Everyone Loves Active2


Kyle Pulver




Arena shooter


Single player




Keyboard and Mouse



Everyone Loves Active 2 is an arena shooter by Kyle Pulver with music by Alec Holowka.


Everyone Loves Active 2 is an arena shooter with a small diamond under the player's control. The player is tasked with destroying the enemies that pour in from all sides of the room and the accumulation of as many points possible. The player is able to move, shoot, and curve their shots along a line. Chains can also be accomplished by destroying multiple enemies in a row or by destroying enemies with the explosions and wreckage of other enemies. If the player dies, the player can be revived if they initiated a chain explosion that destroys a certain number of enemies.

There are a variety of enemies and power ups in the game. Enemies include streams of squares and ellipses that chain naturally, hearts and stars that fire at the player and drop large pieces of wreckage, and shielded enemies that require curving shots to destroy. Power ups include shielding, piercing laser, an orbiting firing sentry, a spinning blade that destroys any close enemies, and explosive shots.

The graphics of the game are simple white shapes with line shading to appear more three dimensional, while the background consists of randomly generated visualizations and paints spots random colors based upon the movement of shots, the player and the enemies.


  • It was an entry into the TIGSource Procedural competition.
  • The game was made in Multimedia Fusion 2, and the name "Active2" comes from the active object that the player controls.
  • The red diamond is a reference to Diamond Rider.

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