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Currently, there is no website.

"Eternity Infirmary is a 3D horror game. You play as Justin Palmer, a 19 year old amateur reporter. You are sent to the Black Rose Asylum to look for anything suspicious, but you're locked in and must find your way out, while avoiding the monsters lurking within.." - description from game website

Eternity Infirmary is a free horror game, in which you try to escape a fictional asylum called the Black Rose Asylum, collecting pages and keys to escape.


Gameplay consists of the player exploring the asylum, collecting keys and pages to escape while avoiding a set of ghosts and monsters. However, the game is flawed as it is extremely dark and the only source of light is a small flashlight you're given at the start of the game. The game only has 3 levels, and they're easy to beat as you're given many weapons, however the lack of light makes it a little hard and adds some tension. Sadly, there is no free mode in the game.

Currently, no site seems to exist for the site. It is unknown where it can be downloaded ATM.


  • The game was re named Eternity Infirmary to Nyctophobia in December 2013 for unknown reasons.
  • The game appears to be dead, having few downloads and no new updates since the original release date.

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