Eternally Us

Eternally Us is a short game about a young girl who is looking for her best friend, while having to go through strange and weird places to find her.


The game starts with a young girl named Amber and her best friend Fiona (Fio) sitting on a bench feeding pigeons, then suddenly a door appears and a zombie-like person walks out. Fiona disappears after. Amber asks him were she went, but he doesn't tell her and goes back through the door. Amber follows. She appears on the roof of a building where three talking gargoyles are sitting. After arguing with them for a while, Amber grabs a pipe and breaks a box. It disappears and a new box appears, and there is a key inside, which she uses to open a door. When she goes through the door, she falls into a swamp, where she must wake up some trees and try and get them to help her. But, the trees refuse and she sinks into the mud. After she sinks, she falls into a snowy place, where the zombie-like person is standing. She asks him were Fiona is, but he doesn't tell her and walks through a gate, which closes after him. After solving a puzzle, she opens the gate and goes through. She appears in a forest, where a squirrel plays in a tree. Amber then throws some berries at the squirrel to make him move on the branch, which drops an acorn near a stone. After it falls, she gets some rocks and puts them in a bucket to weigh it down so she can get it off a branch. When she gets it, she puts it in a well and gets water, which she pours on the acorn. after she pours the water on the acorn, a vine plant grows over the stone, brushing off all the leaves and dirt, revealing that it is Fiona's grave. Fiona appears by Amber's side, and talks to her, telling her that she knew it all along, but didn't want to believe it. The game then explains that it represented the five stages of mourning, which are denial, anger, bargaining, depression, and acceptance. The game ends with Amber and Fiona standing on a cliff, and Amber asks her if she will ever see her again, to which Fiona replies "I don't know. How tightly can you close your eyes?"

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