Edmund McMillen
Edmund holding Derek Yu


Santa Cruz, California, USA

Worked with

Jonathan Blow, Tyler Glaiel, Tommy Refenes


Edmund McMillen

Edmund McMillen is an independent game developer who started out with comics, and made his entry into game making on Newgrounds. Edmund is known for using gross imagery in most (but not all) of his games.


Indie Game The Movie - Growing Up Edmund04:19

Indie Game The Movie - Growing Up Edmund





  • Edmund made a video called 'tehinternets' which famously mocked people who anonymously hate on indie games. Many indie memes came out of this video, such as "Braid is a Platformer!" and "I've solved it!"
  • His middle name is Charles, not Danger.
  • He proposed to his wife, on the IGF stage in 2005, while accepting the Grand Prize for Gish

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