Dungeons of Fayte






Dungeon crawler, co-op


Single player, multiplayer hotseat




Keyboard, gamepad, mouse


Dungeons of Fayte Assemblee comp entry

Dungeons of fayte was a Co-op based dungeon crawling RPG made in Game Maker for the Assemblee competition part two. It featured the ability for up to four people to play using the mouse, keyboard, and optional gamepads.


In Dungeons of Fayte, you start out as a basic character class with the rest of the coop players you are playing with, but can very quickly change class by paying the shopkeeper in town a sufficient amount of gold and possessing sufficient stat requirements. There are 11 Classes in all, ranging from archers, to melee fighters, to rogues, to mages. Each character class uses different weapon types, primary attacks, and special abilities.

The game takes place over a period of 4 months, during which your character improves his stats by working or training at either the tavern, barracks, castle, cemetery, wizard's tower, or farm. At the end of each month the players vote on which dungeon they descend into, and use their newly gained stats, classes, and equipment to attempt the progress to the end of the dungeon and defeat the boss of said dungeon, garnering them a large stat buff in the process.

At the end of the final month, the bone lord opens a portal to the underworld in the center of the city and the heroes face off against him in a final battle. He is near impossible to defeat solo, but teams or 3 or 4 have much less trouble with him. The ending of the story changes depending on whether one wins or loses, but each character is given a unique ending based on their class, stats, and whether or not they slayed the bone lord.


  • There were two versions of the game released, due to the finished product not being ready in time for the end of the TIGSource assemblee competition.
  • Dungeons of Fayte received the second most votes in the assemblee competition, only losing out to Bitworld
  • Dungeons of Fayte is credited with inspiring indie game The Yawhg, and its creators appear in The Yawhg's Special Thanks
  • Dungeons of Fayte's content designer Tanya Short later went on to create Moon Hunters, citing Dungeons of Fayte as a sort of early prototype in its Kickstarter

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