Derek Boe


Calgary, AB

Worked with

Chevy Ray Johnston, Matt Thorson, Barnaby Byrne,

Francis Coulombe


Bones' Portfolio

Derek "Bones" Boe is a Canadian Game Developer and a Pixel Artist who now makes games using Game Maker


Born Novemeber 25th, 1988; Derek is currently attending Alberta College of Art and Design for a Bachelor of Fine Art (Fuck All).

In 2005 Derek joined Pixeljoint under the alias Souly creating mockups for games he could never make himself. After three years attempting to find someone to make games with he said "Fuck it." and started making games himself.

In 2009 he joined TIGsource under the alias Bones Derek began working on The Walled Garden a game he has been making for the past three years.



In developmentEdit



  • Derek can spin a sign better than you can take a piss as seen here
  • Derek is a terrible skateboarder as seen from this video
  • Derek was born 1988, it was also the same year as the '88 Winter Olmypics in Calgary, it was also the first year Jamaica ever had a bobsled team; They made a movie about it called Cool Runnings
  • He loves to make Dev Videos of all his games, so if you are interested in that sort of thing take a look at his youtube channel.

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