Clean Asia!
Clean Asia!


cactus, John Marwin (music)






Single player







Clean Asia! is a shmup by cactus. The player must battle enemies made from neon square blocks and eyes that must have all their blocks destroyed to be defeated. Broken blocks turn into debris that can be used by the player.


thumb|320px|right|Thailand The player can select from 2 different characters/ships. The first is the Attractor and can attract debris from damaged enemies and use them as individual shots or just launch them all at the same time for a massive damage spread. Without debris, the attractor can do a short range thrust to destroy parts of enemies and gather debris, but doing so will require careful aim to not thrust to on top of the enemy and die.

The second ship is the Reflector, which can a stream of normal shots, a charged shot, or reflect projectiles. Debris will automatically be gathered when not in reflect mode and will level up your weapons to create more shots for the stream, or more power and less time for the charge. This ship can also release the debris it has gathered in a single all directional blast.

There are only three areas: Thailand, New Korea, and China.


"The eyes of mankind has decided to leave their hosts and take over the earth. Their first move was to escape to the moon, where they developed their hostile weapon technology. Ten years later they return and forcefully take over some prominent countries in Asia. Thailand and New Korea has both succumb to the hostile threat, while China insists on dealing with the eyes themselves and refuses any helping hands from around the world. America sends a pair of pilot twins with extroardinary sixth senses to battle against the evil eyes. They both have designed their own space ships that seems to be about the only thing in existance that can be used to battle these terrible fiends."


  • Clean Asia! was made for a shmup-dev contest, which it won.
  • Clean Asia! was also nominated for two IGF awards, although it didn't win either.

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