Build Your Own Game (BYOG) is a 48 hour game development sprint organised regularly in India by Indie GameDev India.

The first sprint was organised on July 10 2010, in the city of New Delhi and 10 game developers participated.

The second sprint was organised on July 18 2010, again in New Delhi and 21 game developers participated, with 1 finishing a break-out clone. Both sprints were 8 hours long.

The third sprint was an online sprint organised on August 13-14 2011. 47 game developers from India participated and a total of 4 games were made in this 48 hour sprint.

The fourth sprint was organised during the NASSCOM Game Developer Conference in November 10-11 2011 in the city of Pune, India, in which 67 game developers participated and 10 games were made. The duration of the sprint was only 32 hours since it was being done within the conference and could not extend it.

The fifth sprint is currently ongoing. It is scheduled for April 14-15 2012 and is an online sprint. This sprint has been sponsored by Google and Mozilla and is focussed on HTML5.

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