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Brady Larson 6 months before the shooting.

Brady Larson is the pseudonym of the alt-right comedian Sam Hyde. Under the name 'Brady Larson,' Sam Hyde would often post inflammatory statistics on the /pol/ - Politically Incorrect board on 4chan. These statistics would often be used to portray African-American and Jewish people in a negative light or responsible for atrocities. Brady Larson was also named in an infamous court case in Germany for being one of the most prolific holocaust deniers; his main claim being that the ovens at Treblinka suggest a maximum of 200-300 thousand Jewish people died between 1936-1945. The court case revealed Brady Larson to be a pseudonym of Hyde and that Brady himself was ironically of half-Jewish descent.

In 2014 Brady Larson published a manifesto naming women as the most significant form of decay in western civilization, among other things. He went on to say that giving positions of power to 'sluts who bleed out their vaginas once a month' was the cause of many societal ills. Six days after publishing it on the Stormfront forums Brady went out and purchased an AR-15 with 200 rounds of ammunition. On September the 7th 2014, Brady traveled to the San Jose boardwalk and sat in his car for three hours. Witnesses claimed that Brady remained 'eerily motionless' in the car for the entire duration. Eventually at 4:35PM Brady exited the car with the rifle tucked under his trenchcoat. He then opened fire on the Starbucks killing 6 and injuring 4. Brady began to sob and incoherently shout demands. After a protracted stand off with the San Jose police department, Brady released the four injured hostages with a note taped to the back of one that read 'I just wanted someone else to feel my pain.' Brady turned the rifle to his own head and committed suicide. Brady's actions have echoed across the world, it is now understood that Brady aka Sam Hyde was suffering from delusional schizophrenia. Eerily one of Brady's demands to 'make america great again!' was echoed in the presidential campaign of Donald J Trump.

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