Blademaster Bobo, AKA Bobo, Bobo FM, Rubber Ducky, is a mysterious fixture of the indie community. Bobo is ubiquitous in the indie community while somehow remaining hidden amongst the shadows of our various TIGStates such as TIGIrc, TIGForums or TIGVent.

Little is known of Bobo or his lineage, but many are committed to the search for this arcane knowledge.

To date, only three truths are known: first, the elusive Bobo genus hails from Southern California and has not been known to migrate, which makes observation a challenge for TIGbiologists. Second, it is known that for some time he disappeared from the public school system and receded into a cave of homeschooling, only to resurface years later with arcane knowledge previously thought lost to the world. Third, he is a huge faggot. Finally, it is widely claimed that the wild Blademaster Bobo's only natural enemy is exotic cheese; he clings hopelessly to American varieties for fear of a fatal confrontation, shunning the wide world of delicacies in favour of Kraft Macaroni and Cheese(TM)'s powdered concoction.

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