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Arm Joe, also known as ArmJoe, is a fighting game based on the novel and musical Les Misérables, made in a fighting game engine maker by ASCII: "Tsukuru" series "Fighter Maker", by Takase, who also made the game Dot Fighters.


There are ten characters to choose from, and they fight each other one on one, using the formula Street Fighter and Street Fighter 2 established. Characters are mostly characters from Les Misérables. Each character has special moves inspired by that character's role in the story.

There's a special condition where characters are about to die (their health draining away) in which they are much more powerful and have infinite special power: the opponent has to avoid those special attacks until that character dies. This sometimes gives the advantage to players who reach low life first.

There is also a practice mode, where the player can learn how to perform the special moves of each character.


  • It's named Arm Joe because in Japan, the name for Les Misérables (Aa Mujou, or あぁ 無情) sounds like Arm Joe. Aa Mujou is an expression of exasperation at all the suffering in the world.
  • All of the characters except for Marius have voices.
  • Ponpon doesn't appear in the novel or the musical, but is a supposed stuffed animal of Cosette; the guy who appears behind Ponpon is supposedly Takase's son.
  • When Takase was asked why he spent five years working on this game, he answered "because I have no friends".


  • According to a Something Awful review, Judgement (the final boss and most powerful character) is as unbalanced as being thrown in jail for stealing a loaf of bread.[1] However, the author admits to not being a fan of fighting games except for the Super Smash Bros. series, and not knowing how to do a hadouken in Street Fighter 2.
  • TimW of was also unusually unimpressed, saying "Arm Joe features inconsistent sprite design and unbalanced gameplay issues, among other glaring problems.[2] Certain characters depend on slide moves to win, while others have a special attack that could drain the entire life gauge in mere seconds." and "The final boss is impossible to beat, which is understandable since by using Judgment a player can actually complete the game by pressing a single button repeatedly."
  • Players and blog commenters, however, were more positive, saying that Judgement (the final boss) is not actually that hard and can be beaten easily with long range attacks, and that since he's not playable except in multiplayer his power doesn't affect the main game's balance.
  • One commenter claimed that it was a parody of fighting games and should not be judged on its balance issues: "I personally like to think of ArmJoe more as a parody of fighting games: over the top super moves, incredibly difficult boss, and the very obvious references to other games make it hard for me to think otherwise." And that the idea of taking a classic of literature and making a fighting game out of it may itself be part of its parody of fighting games.


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