Andy Schatz
Andy on the IGF stage, being a winner


Santa Cruz, California, USA

Worked with

Pocketwatch Games



Andy Schatz. He Schatz right where he satz.


Andy started game development at Presto Studios and later went to TKO Studios where he did contract work for EA. He quit his job as an AI and online programmer to start Pocketwatch Games in December, 2004. Pocketwatch Games released the ecological sim games Venture Africa (which was nominated for the Grand Prize in the 2006 IGF) and Venture Arctic, and started development of Venture Dinosauria before putting that project on hold in order to develop the co-op stealth game Monaco. Monaco later won the Grand Prize and Excellence in Design awards in the 2010 IGF.

He also presented the IGF award shows in 2007, 2008, and 2009.

Venture Arctic - SD Fox Morning Show05:18

Venture Arctic - SD Fox Morning Show

Andy presenting Venture Arctic for a TV show



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