Originally, Misteroo of DisasterLabs made got tired of bad games made within seconds on OHRRPGCE, and made a parody, which featured three sequels from publicity

In this first game, you fight turnips, birds, and frogs, which are all the same sprite, and to survive you must run from every battle. Evetuntually, you reach Evil Kitty, a cat which you must "battle" and by that, I mean run away from. Afterwards, Misteroo leaves a text box claiming he is better than this, with contact information.

The second was the same, but there were no enemies,

just "bosses". Joe makes his first appearence, and joins you to fight "DOG!!!111!!!ONE!!!", "OHLD MAN!!11!ONE!!"and Evil Kitty. Joe is the only one who actually talks with correct grammar.

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