7 Days a Skeptic
Exploring the ship


Ben Croshaw


July 25, 2004


Point and Click Adventure


Single Player






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7 Days a Skeptic is the second of four horror adventure games in the award-winning Chzo Mythos series from Ben "Yahtzee" Croshaw.


The player takes on the role Jonathan Somerset, a psychological counselor who is one of six members of the crew of the EFS Mephistopheles, a small scout ship on its maiden voyage through deep space. The crew intercept an object floating through space, and when they take it aboard they find it not to be a sign of alien life but just an old metal locker, on which a stern warning is described never to disturb the contents. Over the next few days, strange happenings and stranger disappearances take place, and Somerset attempts to determine the nature of the dark intelligence behind it all.

Gameplay is a point-and click adventure verb system (Walk, Talk, Look, Interact).


John SomersetEdit

The main character, little is known about him aside from the fact that he serves as the crew's counselor.

William TaylorEdit

William is the only medically trained member amongst the ship's personnel, and appears to frequently visit the counselor due to stress issues.

Serena KyleEdit

The captain's assistant, and primary navigator of the Mephistopheles.

Captain Barry ChahalEdit

A decorated member of the Earth federation navy, this mission aboard the Mephistopheles will be his last posting before retirement.

Adam GilkennieEdit

Primary engineer aboard the Mephistopheles.

Angela GarrettEdit

Commander and second-in-command aboard the Mephistopheles.


  • There are two versions of the game: the ordinary free version and a 'Director's Cut' that was previously available for a small donation. The Director's Cut is now freely available, and features a commentary track, soundtrack, easter eggs, outtakes.
  • Each Chzo Mythos game features a more experimental control system than the last. 7 Days differs from the previous game by using a menu that contains all possible verbs and items.

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7 Days a Skeptic Website

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