6 Days a Sacrifice
Recovering from a fall


Ben Croshaw




Point and Click Adventure


Single Player






6 Days a Stranger Website

6 Days a Sacrifice is the final of four horror adventure games in the award-winning Chzo Mythos series from Ben "Yahtzee" Croshaw.


In the game, the player takes the role of Theo DaCabe, a building inspector in a small town in Britain, who is sent on a routine dispatch to visit the headquarters of a strange cult called "Optimology", after the police are tipped off that they may be expanding their complex underground illegally. Moments after arriving, one of the cultists pushes him down an elevator shaft. Trapped in the abandoned complex with a couple of other civilians, strange guards in old-fashioned clothes, and one lone cultist that was left behind, he attempts to determine what dark practices the cult has been pursuing.

Gameplay is a standard point-and click adventure verb system (Walk, Talk, Look, Interact).


Theo DaCabeEdit

A young building inspector, fairly quiet and timid, until he is pushed. He has a keen eye for detail but does not care for the fantastical.

Samantha HartyEdit

A biochemist with a serious attitude and a lot to hide. She is forceful and opinionated.

Janine OrzechowskiEdit

A journalist who sought a cheap story in the Optimologists. She is nervous and easily frightened, and deeply disturbed by the dark machinations in the complex.


An older low-ranking cultist, who seems to be the last one left in the complex, although he refuses to believe it. He seems to have been left behind to ensure the completion of some final act in the complex.

"The Guard"Edit

A man with strangely familiar looks and absurdly old-fashioned clothes. Polite and obedient to a fault, with little knowledge or memory. He seems to have a remarkable resistance to harm. He is repeatedly murdered by the prince, only to spring back to life unharmed some time later.

"The Caretaker"Edit

A pale bald man in shredded red robes, who seems to come and go of his own accord, ignoring harm and obstacles. He is helpful, but oddly detached.

"The Prince"Edit

A bizarrely tall man with a purely white face, and long spindly limbs. The cultists speak of him with reverence.


  • 6 Days takes place exactly 196 years after 5 Days, and 196 years before 7 Days.
  • Like the other games, there are two versions: the ordinary version and a 'Director's Cut' that is now free. It features a commentary track, a soundtrack, an expanded ending sequence and additional files.
  • Each Chzo Mythos game features a different control system. 6 Days is similar to that of 7 Days, but with much more of a focus on dialogue control and use of items.
  • 6 Days won two AGS awards in 2007.

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